Meet our April roaster! The World Roasting Champion 2018 Rubens Gardelli!

We are just in the second month of our specialty coffee subscription and already we bring out the big guns!

Meet Rubens Gardelli and his team behind the Gardelli Specialty Coffees as the World Roasting Champion 2018!

Yes, you read that right! Now you have the chance to try the best coffees in the world roasted by the world roasting champion himself. And all that delivered directly to your home.

Rubens is the definition of the self-made man, and not in the pursuit of sales or fame, but for the passion and curiosity that has driven his coffee company from the ground up. He grew up in his parents’ cafe but really discovered his interest in the world of coffee by experimenting with roasting as an adult who, at the time, was quite down on his luck. He knew it was time to make a change and to dive into something completely different if he wanted to get out of his slump. He bought a 50g roasting machine and with an open mind and no previous experience or knowledge of the “rules of roasting,” he was free of any boundaries and used his senses and creativity to guide him in his trials. He is a nerd when it comes to investigating the botanical and cultural aspects of coffee. He’s also very picky in his work, which he really doesn’t regard as work at all – he could be out dancing or tasting new coffees and having the same amount of fun. In 2014, he entered his first competition for pleasure, but hasn’t stopped winning since – he became the 2018 World Coffee Roasting Champion and regards this honor as an expression of his passion. His self-taught approach and drive to compete has brought him to the forefront of the specialty coffee industry, and from that 50g roaster, to a 300g then a 700g self-built machine, to a 5g roaster and currently a 15kg machine, he has worked his way to the top the old-fashioned way – from the heart.

All their coffees are tested with many different roast profiles before going into their coffee bags. Every coffee lot has its own history and specific growing conditions therefore reacts in a very unique way to each roast profile they apply; there are no fixed rules, and that is why they do extensive cupping sessions before deciding the optimum roast solution. They strongly believe that there is only one ideal roast profile for each single lot to express its terroir, therefore their roasting style is only influenced by the coffee itself rather than the final brewing method. 

They want to highlight unique terroir aromas and flavors, and avoid as much as possible any roasty taints, therefore you will notice that all their coffees are quite bright and clear. On their labels you will find the brewing methods that we think each lot is suited for.


Now you have the opportunity to try the delicate coffee beans, sourced and selected by true coffee experts. Choose the amount of coffee you need and start brewing the best cup of coffee this artisan coffee roasters can offer!

Subscibe now and experience love at first sip!




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