About us

We are Jelka and Rok, veterinarian and a dental assistant.
Together we fell in love with the beautiful world of specialty coffee while traveling around the world. 
It was truly love at first sip!

We started out brewing and bottling cold brew coffee already in 2014 and somehow we felt the need to create a meeting place for other coffee enthusiasts. This is how the coffee shop came in place.
We cycled through different European roaster in four month period and customers liked the diversity. Our customer base grew and more and more people wanted to jump on the "third wave" of coffee. This year we were even awarded as one of the Top50 coffee shops in Europe! 

But we felt it is time for a change!

To bring this kind of coffee experience to as many coffee lovers as possible we decided to close the shop and start a coffee subscription service.


Specialty coffee is all about education and there is still so much to learn about the coffee. The delicate flower that produces this bright red cherries full of flavour and complexity in flavor. But as all flowers it must be treated with respect and delicacy.

We are learning all our lives and maybe our subscription boxes with help to share knowledge about coffee, how is it grown, harvested and consumed. Just imagine sipping on a cup of coffee and learning all about the process and people involved in producing that exact coffee beans that you just brewed. 

Now you can also experience love at first sip.